May Day – International Workers Day (Questions – SSC)

The same question, just repeated a little differently. Don’t be afraid of new questions. Answer each question with understanding.

1. Why is May Day or International Workers’ Day observed now?

2. When and where did the historic events of May 1st take place?

3. What inspired the workers joining the protest?

4. How did the policemen behave with the workers during their protest?

5. What does May Day commemorate?

6. Which demand did the workers struggle for?

7. What activities did the workers do against the authorities?

8. What happened when the policemen attacked the strikers?

9. Why is the event of May 1, 1886 a reminder for the workers?

10. Why did the workers sacrifice their lives?

11. Why did the place policemen attack the strikers?

12. What is the lesson of May Day for the workers?

13. Why did the workers of Chicago go on strike?

14. How are the worker’s exploited?

15. What happened on 1st May 1886? What did the workers want?

16. Who addressed the rally? What did some strikebreakers do?

17. What would happen if there were no ‘May Day’ in the history of the world?

18. What do the events of May Day remind us?

19. How long did the workers had to work before 1886?

20. What was the demand of the workers?

21. What were the causes that led to the struggle?

22. How did the people in factories work during the Industrial Revolution?

23. What does May 1st stand for?

24. Which workers went on a strike on May 1, 1886?

25. What should we learn from the event of May Day?

26. What do you mean by the trade union?

27. What is Industrial Revolution?

28. What did the strikers urge to the workers?

29. Why is May 1st called International Workers Day?

30. Do you support the attitude, “workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speak out to gain better working conditions, better pay and better lives”? Why/ Why not? Explain in 2/3 sentences.

31. From the reading of the second para, give a description of the plight condition of the workers.

32. “The martyrs of May Day have proved through their death that they have not died.” Do you agree to the statement? Why? or why not?

The answer sheet of the questions will be uploaded tomorrow inshallah. Stay with us.

এম. এ. নাবিল

শিক্ষক (ইংরেজি), অন্বেষা কলেজিয়েট স্কুল; বিবিএ (সম্মান) , কক্সবাজার সরকারি কলেজ; ফাউন্ডার ও সিইও - সম্প্রতি কোচিং সেন্টার ।
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